The story of Greatline started about ten years ago by two people who strongly emphasized the value of quality, function, design and construction.

It was from the foaming seas and the demanding environment outside Bohusläns cliffs Lars Tengberg drew inspiration for the boat. He managed to convince one of Norway’s leading designers who possess an impressive track record, Geir Arnestad, transforming the ideas into a design steeped in comfort, durability and performance, and with a vision of a new Scandinavian design.

In an early stage the Greatline founders decided to make a niched boat model, offered to boat owners who value quality, design and uniqueness. A small target group who love the sea and have high demands on the boats.

Greatline has now been produced for ten years. Lars Tengberg have personally reviewed and approved each boat before every delivery, and had follow-up discussions with customers when the season was over. All to listen to the customers perspective, make the necessary adjustments and get as close to perfection as possible with this Scandinavian creation.

When Lars Tengberg and Geir Arnestad sits down again to sum up the decade, they still wants to develop the Greatline boats.

– The hull is so appreciated by the boat owners so we know that the boat deserves further development, says Lars Tengberg.

During a weekend, the two founders began to sketch out a sequel to the big success through the new model Greatline 315 DC. At the boat show in 2016, a new creation of the Greatline will be shown. We believe that this boat model will raise many people’s curiosity and interest. We will also show another new model that we will not reveal until the show.

– The Greatline crew is looking forward to a very exciting 2015, and we have great expectations for 2016. Everyone is welcome to contact us for a personal conversation or viewing of the boat, says Lars Tengberg.

The craftsmanship continues with the quality and perfection as a hallmark.